Get Private Label Rights To Top Quality YouTube Video Browser Tools for Loads of Lucrative Niches

Brand Them With Your Name, Ads And Links - Then Give Them Away, As An Easy Way To Generate Profits


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Dear marketer...

Are you looking for an easy way to boost your niche marketing business?

Our new private label niche software tools offer an easy solution.

Each software tool is targeted at a specific niche.

You brand the software with your name, links and ads - and then give it away.

Every time people use the software, it will automatically promote your business - all on autopilot.


Quality Software People Will Want To Use

"The SECRET to Getting What YOU Want to give enough people what THEY want"

So what DO people really want?

People who are very interested in a particular niche usually want to see the most popular videos for that niche - and then keep up to date with the latest new videos.

Our software offers an easy way for people to do this - and helps them organize and keep track of their online niche-related activities.

Each software tool...

  Is specific to one particular niche

  Contains hundreds of the most popular YouTube videos for the niche

  Updates with the latest popular videos each day

  Allows people to keep track of which videos they have already viewed

  Allows people to easily create a playlist of videos for future reference

  Includes easy to use niche notepad and diary features

These are Microsft Windows software tools, so they work on all PCs, laptops and Windows 8 tablets.

The software will appeal to anyone who is seriously interested in a particular niche - providing a resource that will help them more easily find videos and organize their viewing on a daily basis.


Brand The Software With Your Name, Ads And Links

You can add your own name links and banners to your software, using the powerful branding system.

When you order, you'll get instant access to your own members area.

You simply enter your branding details into boxes in the members area - and then download the software ready-branded.

There are many branding features you can use:

  There is a "Brought to you by..." link at the bottom of all pages of the software. This provides an easy way to promote your own website.

  You can add up to 10 text links on the software menu, which will be shown underneath the standard menu items. The text links are formatted to look just like the standard menu items, to encourage users to click them. For each item, you specify the text to be shown on the menu - and the link that will be activated in the user's web browser. This feature offers an easy way to promote any website, blog or offer.

  You can add standard 468x60 pixel banners that will be shown at the top and bottom of all the software pages. Banners are rotated on successive page views. This feature offers an easy way to promote affiliate programs, many of which have standard banners that you can use.

  You can add standard "skyscraper" banners that will be shown in the right hand strip of all the software pages (underneath the menu). Banners can be any height and up to 250 pixels wide. Banners are rotated on successive page views. This feature also offers an easy way to promote affiliate programs, many of which provide skyscraper banners.

All these features are optional - so you can use whichever ones you want.

You can use the same branding for all your software tools - or brand each of your tools with different links and banners.

This highly flexible branding system allow you to promote just about anything you want using your software.

Easily Build A Mailing List

You can build a mailing list from your branded software, if you wish - by forcing users to "register" in order to use the software.

You can force users to register before they use the software for the first time - or you can allow them to use the software between 1 and 10 times before they are forced to register.

To register, users must subscribe to your mailing list - and then you send them a registration code in the welcome email. Once the user has entered the registration code into the software, the software will continue to work permanently.

You can use the same code for all your software - or use different codes.

This simple solution gives you an easy way to build your own mailing list using the software.

Private Label - You Can Even Change The Name

The software is totally private label, with no links or references to us or anyone else.

It is designed to look like your own software.

You can even change the name of the software if you wish. So for example, you could change "Weight Loss Personal Video Browser" to "John's Weight Loss Software".


Distribute Your Software However You Want

After you've branded your software tools, you can distribute them however you want, including...

Sell them for personal use - or with full Master Resale Rights

 Give them away from your websites/blogs

 Offer them as an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter 

 Add them to free download sites, give away sites, or any other type of site

 Include them as a bonus with anything you sell

 Include them in packages and membership sites

There are no restrictions at all on how you distribute your branded software


Instant Access To Lots Of In-Demand Niches

When you order your membership, you'll get instant access to all the software tools that have been released, including:

  Dog Training Software 

  Quit Smoking Software

  Online Dating Software

  Weight Loss Software

  Aromatherapy Software

  Hair Loss Software

  Motorcycles Software

  Mens Health Software

  Credit Counseling Software

  Web Design Software

New Software Every Month

As well as instant access to all the software tools that have already been released, you'll also receive at least one brand new software tool every month, covering a new niche.

This ensures you have a continual stream of fresh new niches to target, so you can generate profits from an ever-increasing number of people.


Boost Your Niche Profits Now

More and more people are now watching online videos, making YouTube one of the most popular and important sites on the Internet. 

Tapping into this demand, by providing software that works in conjunction with YouTube, is just good business.

The great beauty of our software is that all the technical stuff is done for you.

All you need to do is just enter your details into the members area, then download your ready branded software.

You may be expecting to pay a lot for this superb business solution.

But all this is JUST ONE of the benefits of our superb Software Gold Club...


PLR Niche Software is now included in the Software Gold Club

View details of the Software Gold Club



Wishing you success,

Alan Reece
AX Gold Software / Web Software Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

No Promotion Of Offensive, Gambling, Pornographic Or Illegal Offers

You are not permitted to use the software to promote anything that may be considered offensive, promote any gambling site, promote sexually explicit materials, promote violence, promote any form of discrimination, promote illegal activities, or infringe (or otherwise violate) any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

No Sharing Memberships or Branding Software For Other People

You are NOT permitted to share your membership with anyone else, or brand the software for anyone else. Each person who benefits from the software branding must order their own membership.

Is The Software Only for Microsoft Windows?

The software will only work with Microsoft Windows. It works on PCs, laptops and Windows 8 tablets - but not on Apple Macs, other tablets, or mobile phones. Although other platforms are gaining in popularity, Windows still accounts for over 60% of all Internet users (based on current data from Wikipedia). Millions of people download Windows software every single day. So by targeting Windows users, there is a very large (and growing) potential user base for your branded software.

Earnings Disclaimer
Although we provide powerful tools that can help you generate income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including the number of people who download your branded software, how often those people use the software - and how those people respond to the ads within the software. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by joining. For more information, please visit the "Full Earnings Disclosure" link below.

Note On The Use Of APIs
The software uses public "APIs" (Application Program Interfaces - a technical term for a mechanism that allows software to access services of a website). Many of the major websites (including YouTube) have APIs that can be used by software. YouTube benefits from this because any videos shown inside the software contain links back to So people using the software are encouraged to visit to get more information on a particular video.

Legal Notice
YouTube(TM) is a trademark of YouTube LLC. We are not associated or affiliated with YouTube LLC in any way. The software only uses standard, publicly available APIs and online services from YouTube LLC - and is not approved or endorsed by YouTube LLC.

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